Baja information

Immigration and Car Permits

The Baja Peninsula is in the Zona Libra, or Free Zone, so strict vehicle permits are not required. If you will be driving in the Baja for more than 72 hours, you need to get a permit at the border. To do this, show the vehicle’s title and proof of registration. I took six photocopies of driver’s license, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, birth certificate and passport documents.

Vehicle insurance

It is recommended that you purchase Mexican vehicle liability insurance before you cross the border. I was surprised to learn that motorcycle theft insurance is now available, and I did purchase theft insurance along with the required liability insurance. Shop around. You’ll have to check with your insurance vendor for details.

AAA and those vendors located close to the border still do not provide motorcycle theft insurance.

Some Baja links

To begin, a map of the peninsula: Baja Highway Interactive Map. I highly recommend the AAA’s paper version of their Baja Peninsula map. It’s an excellent and detailed map that you shouldn’t be without. While there, check out their touring booklets of the Baja.

Information on towns along the route: Baja Travel Guidebook

Driving down Baja Highway 1: The Baja Highway

Information on places to stay and things to do in the towns and villages along the way: Baja California Travel Resource Guide: Main Page

Check out the Desert Inns chain of Baja hotels: Desert Inns (formerly the La Pinta chain of hotels). They keep changing the url, so it may not work.

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