LED Voltmeter

Here’s the LED voltmeter that I’ve been using. It replaces the useless fairing-mounted Harley voltmeter. The web site says that this unit is for lead-acid batteries, but it works perfectly on AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries, because they too are lead-acid. I can no longer find a link for this one. Here’s the Motorcycle Superstore’s version.

I wired it through my PC-8 fuse panel.

It’s solid-state and extremely accurate, and comes with a horizontal and a vertical faceplate. The graduations are in 0.5 volts, but the 13.7 volts that my alternator puts out is indicated by the dimly lit 14-volt LED. If output was 14 volts, the light would be illuminated at full strength.

As you can probably tell from the picture, it’s been on the bike for quite a few years. I can attest that it is waterproof, since it has suffered through days and days of rain and the occasional pressure car wash.

It’s also expensive, but worth every nickel to replace the antiquated and inaccurate H-D voltmeter.

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