Adding a switched fuse block

Switched Fuse Block Installation

Over the years I’ve added more than a few electrical accessories to my Harley ride. I dumped the terrible stock horn for an air horn that fits inside the stock horn cover. I’ve added gps and heated jacket relays. There’s a Powerlet outlet for my cheap and very portable tire air pump. An LED voltmeter is the crowning touch for a check on the highly inaccurate stock meter on my bagger.

After all that, I decided that I needed a switched fuse block harness from to make sense of the wiring nightmare I created. The harness comes with a relay and socket that allows it to be switched on and off with the ignition switch when wired into the bike’s electrical system.

I replaced the marine-grade ST blade fuse block from Blue Sea Systems with a PC-8 fuse panel from The Blue Sea unit, although covered, was open to road dust and rain splash under the left side-panel on my Harley bagger. I used duct tape in an attempt to cover most of the openings. switched fusebox relay kit
The lead with the blue connector can be connected to any wire you choose that is switched on with the ignition switch.
  • Above is the harness that I ordered. It comes with a 30-amp fuse and the relay, complete with a relay socket. Had I the ability I couldn’t have built a harness of this quality — and all for approximately U$37.00 which includes shipping.
  • I kept this harness when I used it to power the PC-8 fuse panel. does make a harness specifically to fit the PC-8 that includes a battery lead to power the two unswitched bus connections.

Blue Sea's 6-circuit with negative bus

  • Above is the marine-grade Blue Sea fuse block that was installed under the left side cover. It’s an ST Blade Fuse Block 6-circuit with negative bus. I’ve replaced it with the fuse panel, below.
Here’s’s Power Center 8 fuse panel and cover. Six circuits are switched and two are unswitched. I used it to replace an earlier fuse panel from Blue Sea that I installed a year ago.



The PC-8 fuse panel installed under the left side cover on my ’95 FLHT bagger.
  • I used 3M Dual Lock tape on the back of the Power Center 8 fuse panel. There’s a good explanation of Dual Lock tape here. Don’t use Goo Gone or anything similar to clean the mating surfaces. It leaves a residue behind.
  • The ignition switched lead, with the blue connector pictured in the wiring harness photo at the top of the page, can be connected to any wire you choose that is switched on with the ignition switch. You’ll hear the relay click when the power is turned on.
  • One final thing: Prior to installation, I removed the fuse from the wiring harness for obvious reasons. Don’t do what I did and forget to re-install the harness fuse after the job is complete. I scratched my head for a while trying to figure out that the harness needed its fuse.

Are you looking for an LED voltmeter? Look no further.

2 thoughts on “Adding a switched fuse block

  1. i am building a old school 1970 hondacb750,it had nothing for wires really but now i need to wire in the headlight,tailight,horn,directionals,so i need a fuse block,i am using for now a 6 plug block ,BUT instead of running several relays in line i was wondering if you had a fuse block say about2.5″ long by 2.5 wide,give or take with a relay in it,i am re4stricted to a small space.

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