Harley-Davidson horn replacement

I got fed up with the Harley-Davidson horn on my bagger. It stopped working a long time ago, and I just hadn’t bothered to fix it. Well, now I’ve found an excellent replacement product and it’s a genuine air horn, compact enough to fit under the existing chrome horn cover.

The Stebel Nautilus Compact Air Horn is sold by TwistedThrottle.com. It comes with a relay so that you don’t burn out your handlebar switch or the horn. Check out the details here: Stebel Nautilus Compact Air Horn install.

It looks like Wolo sells the same product, but without the relay. I wouldn’t install this high-output air horn without a relay.

Switched Fuse Block Installation

Over the years I’ve added more than a few electrical accessories to my ride. I needed a switched fuse block harness to make sense of the wiring nightmare that I’ve created. I ordered a switched fuseblock wiring harness from easternbeaver.com.

At the bottom of the page is the LED voltage regulator that I’ve used to replace the useless fairing-mounted regulator on my bagger. It’s extremely accurate, but very expensive.

Go here for a look at what I did regarding fuse block installation.

LED Voltmeter

Quite a number of years ago now I got fed up with the H-D voltmeter on my bagger. I found this, and I’m very happy with it. As you can tell by the photo, I’ve had it for quite a while.

Auxiliary fuel tank

I have finally found a viable aux tank that will add two gallons of cruising range! In 2005 I rode out to Tucson to pick up a new Tour Tank from Bill Hower. Have a look at the description of what I did regarding fittings and installation.

Riding the Baja Peninsula

In 2006 I renewed my acquaintance with the Baja peninsula at the end of January. I headed off on another motorcycle tour down to the end of the road and back. It was a twolane blacktop tour, since I don’t ride my bagger in the dirt if I can avoid it. Check out Baja Bound 2006.

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